Beyond the Door


Based on Philip K. Dick's public domain short story of the same name, this Twilight Zone-esque short film details the story of Larry (Reid Dalton) and Laura Sanders (Lisa Sain Odom).  When Larry brings his wife home an antique wooden clock, he gets way more than he could have ever imagined bargaining for.  Produced over Labor Day Weekend in 2010 and finishing post-production in April, 2011, this short film co-stars Elijah Chester as Bob Chambers and is currently making its run on the festival circuit.

Eat Me!

* Co-Director/Director of Photography

After the matriarch of a wealthy family passes, her greedy relatives arrive for the table reading of her will.  This was a 2011 Official Entry into the Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project.  It won Best Writing.  

Textris (for UNCG)

*Director of Photography

The second entry into a marketing campaign we were working on near the end of my tenure at UNC-Greensboro.  One previous entry entitled "Text Storm" came before and the third entry will be released shortly.

Text Storm (for UNCG)

*Director of Photography

The original entry into the marketing campaign we working on near the end of my tenure at UNC-Greensboro.